Good quality, reliable, stable and significantly cheaper, the 2019 Lexus LX 570 is considered a formidable competitor for Range Rover, according to CNBC.

LX 570 significantly inherited the reputation of Land Cruiser, which is considered a durable SUV for many years. In fact, LX 570 is a luxury brother of Land Cruiser with a more eye-catching design, better interior materials, and a 2-row version with lower prices.

Although not yet perfect, the LX 570 two-row version is still the best choice of Japanese cars competing with British rivals Range Rover.

The Lexus LX 570 and Toyota’s Land Cruiser are two typical off-road models, with four-wheel drive, differential lock. Low and skilled numbers, the car can overcome difficult terrain is not difficult.

Disadvantages of Lexus LX 570 is the third row of seats can not be folded, looks quite glitzy. If you want a large luggage compartment, you can only leave the third row.

Compete with Land Rover and G-Class

To 2019 LX 570, everything is simpler with the option of adding two rows of seats, significantly increasing luggage space, reducing costs, and better competing with Land Rover’s rival Range Rover and G-Class. Mercedes, which has only 2 rows of seats.

LX 570 new version 2 rows of seats starting from 87,375 USD in the US, less than 5,000 USD compared to the 3 rows of seats.

In terms of quality and durability, the new LX 570 is an attractive option due to its powerful large 5.7L V8 engine, which comes with a rich off-road package, and now has the option to drop the third row. to reduce costs.

Like all Land Cruiser and LX before, the new LX 570 was born to conquer difficult terrain. Adjustable suspension height, slope control, vehicle control system crawling through complex terrain helps LX 570 overcome obstacles on the road.

The car even has a traction control mechanism for each wheel to make cornering safer and smoother.

The new LX 570 runs smoothly, almost without noise. Good soundproof cabin. The noise from the wind and the road is almost eliminated, the cabin is quiet and comfortable. Is it possible to hear only the sound of the engine when the car accelerates fast.

The LX 570 version of this article has a Luxury Package, including a ventilated seat, four-zone temperature control and soft leather seats.

Regarding the interior, CNBC appreciates the new LX 570. Vehicles using high-quality materials, modern design, but not really outstanding but also not less than the Range Rover.

Poor driving experience, gas consumption

However, the new LX 570 also has some driving experience issues. With the body of the car being enhanced to increase the light clearance of the car, the new LX 570 has the phenomenon of rushing forward when braking, pulling the car when accelerating, tilting the car when cornering, making it easy for people in the car to get drunk.

The new LX 570 infotainment system lacks user-friendliness. Touch-sensitive mouse control interface, poor interaction. In general, it is difficult to control when the vehicle is moving.

In return, the centralized area with many button presses takes on most features on the car. Therefore, users do not need to manipulate much on the infotainment screen.

The new SUV consumes 18 liters / 100 km in the city, much higher than the Land Cruiser. In fact, those who can afford LX 570 have never thought about gas money.

If you want lower prices but still with the same quality and powerful off-road capabilities, you can choose the Land Cruiser instead of the LX 570. Only the interior quality will be lower and the 3rd row is bulky.

LX 570 version 2 lowest row seats (no option) starting from 87,135 USD. Luxury Package option package will add $ 1,190. The 2 rows of seats will not have the high-end Mark Levinson sound system, only on the 3-row version.

In general, the Lexus LX is not as beautiful and luxurious as the Range Rover but considerably cheaper than the British SUV, while the quality is not inferior.

In short, the Lexus LX 570 is not perfect but is still a luxury SUV with impressive off-road capabilities. If you need reliability and quality instead of the sleek cabin and luxurious styling, the Lexus LX 570 two-row seats will be the brightest choice. It can be considered as the Range Rover of Japan.


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