10 most powerful SUV of 2019, German cars dominate

Not surprisingly, German cars are the majority in the list of 10 most powerful SUV / crossovers today.

Lamborghini supercar 28 billion of you go to a party, the boy cries no...

Recently, the cases of borrowing your super cars and ruining them are no longer a rare thing in China.Recently the Lamborghini car...
Vision M Next

BMW announced future vehicle concept Vision M Next

BMW Vision M Next reveals new features that will appear in future vehicles, with new design and exciting driving experience.
Aston Martin supercars

Three Aston Martin supercars will be available in the new 007 ‘blockbuster’

Bond 25 to theaters in April next year will feature the presence of three Aston Martin supercars, including two super classic cars...
Ferrari and Niki Lauda

The Ferrari 312T of the late driver Niki Lauda is about to be auctioned

After Niki Lauda died, the owner of the Ferrari decided to bring this supercar to auction. Many people predict the car can...

What do the characters and digits in the supercar name mean?  

Numbers or characters that follow the names of supercar have their own meaning, usually related to motivation.

Which car has the coolest air conditioner?

There are cars after turning on the air conditioner for 5 minutes, it was very cool, but there were still cars that...
silverado HD 2020

Chevrolet Silverado HD 2020 announced price, cheaper than before

Chevrolet has announced the official selling price of Silverado HD 2020. Before the Silverado...
bentley flying spur

Bentley Flying Spur 2020 – for the first time a four – wheel drive...

Launched Bentley Flying Spur 2020, the first Bentley equipped with four-wheel steering. After introducing...
safest cars

These are the safest small cars in 2019

Evaluation of the American Highway Insurance Institute (IIHS) and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA) with the safest cars this...