Wikipedia boss: ‘Mark Zuckerberg does not have Internet management’

That is the judgment of Larry Sanger, founder of Wikipedia open encyclopedia in an interview on CNBC. Wikipedia founder...
iran and uranium

Iran declares uranium enrichment to exceed the 2015 nuclear deal

The Iran representative said he was cutting back on commitments made at the 2015 nuclear deal, starting with the restart of uranium...

Racing race ‘champions of champions’ coming soon

FIA Motorsport Games is expected to be held in November this year in Italy. This is an opportunity for the elite of...

The force of 17-ton US reconnaissance aircraft has been shot down by Iran  

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has just shot down the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the US RQ-4 Global Hawk.The RQ-4 Global Hawk, with...

Many people flocked to Stonehenge to welcome the solstice  

Nearly 10,000 people flock to Stonehenge - an ancient stone circle to welcome the moment of the official end of spring and...
smallest countries

The 10 smallest countries in the world

The Vatican, Monaco and Nauru are 3 of the smallest countries in the world.

Boeing CEO: The world needs 800,000 pilots in the next two decades

Muilenburg argues that an increasing shortage of pilots is one of the major challenges facing the aviation industry. Responding...
Attack oil tankers

The EU urged no rush to blame Iran in the attack on oil tankers

European foreign ministers say more evidence is needed before concluding that Iran is the culprit for Attack oil tankers in Oman.
US and North Korean

Disillusioned a year after US – North Korean conference in Singapore

A deadlock a year after the US - North Korean conference shows the fragility and lack of trust...
american and russian

The Russian-American warship approached, nearly crashed into the sea

The American Navy published a video showing the Russian Admiral Vinogradov and USS Chancellorsville missile ship approaching danger at a distance of...