Chinese people used to consider America as an inspiration but now they think Washington wants to hold back Beijing’s development. Usa news

Dancer Chinese National Ballet Qi Haohan proudly recounts the times he performed with American colleagues on Chinese stages. He loves Daniil Simkin, the main dancer at the American Ballet Theater. But when asked about the US-China trade war, his admiration for the United States immediately vanished.

“Fight, fight, fight!”, The 25-year-old guy wrote on social networks, calling on the country to stand firm after trade negotiations with the US were in a standstill, making the US impose new taxes on China China and Beijing strike back.

“The US tax increase decision will only cause them to destroy themselves,” Qi said. “China is ready to respond”.

Qi’s view is an example of the complex attitude that both Chinese and Americans love and hate. Chinese people have long regarded the United States as an inspiration, with glittering skyscrapers, financial strength and unparalleled military power.

American culture is so ingrained in Chinese life that experts say Chinese people cannot boycott American products the way they did with Japanese and Korean goods, when tense with these countries. higher. Many Chinese people love iPhones and lobsters imported from Boston. Young people watch American dramas like House of Cards and Modern Family.

Many Chinese admire the United States for its education system, strict laws and soft power. Some people consider the American dream as a spiritual motivator.

“American dream means to work hard and step by step achieve the goal” Kobe Liu Zhe, 29, fans of American basketball star Kobe Bryant in Harbin, said. “Kobe Bryant represents that dream”.

However, Chinese people now increasingly regard the United States as a strategic rival – a view driven by the pride of China’s rise and by the Chinese Communist Party propaganda agencies for a long time. describing the US as a hostile nation, “empire” tried to hold back China.

“China is in the second position,” Yun Sun China expert at Washington’s Stimson Center said. “It is understandable that the second party wants to overtake first.”

According to a nationwide survey of the Pew Research Center announced in 2016, 45% of Chinese people regard the power and influence of the US as a major threat to their country, up from 39% in 2013. More than half The number of Chinese people who believe the United States is trying to hold back China does not want them to become as powerful as the United States.

This trend is likely to escalate in the past year, when the two world economies confront each other in the trade war. The US also tightened visa restrictions for Chinese students and scholars to limit intellectual property theft and spying.

golden bridge
golden bridge

These developments further reinforced the Chinese perspective that the United States deliberately hindered them, leaving Beijing no choice but to respond.

“We are not afraid. China has money,” Amanda Lin, 36, said while sitting in an American cafe in Beijing. She said the manufacturing business she is working on is heavily affected by the latest round of tariffs. “Perhaps we have to accept a little sacrifice for a short time. If we don’t fight, in the long term, we will have to suffer more,” she said.

Chinese skepticism with the United States has existed for a long time. Many people still remember the indignation when the US bombed the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999, killing three people, causing Beijing students to protest fiercely. Two years later, tensions flared again when China began to fly the US Navy after a Chinese fighter plane and a US spy plane crashed into the air.

America is still one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists, business travelers and students. However, the growth in Chinese visitors to the US has dropped from 16% in 2016 to 4% in 2017. The increase in Chinese students to the US has dropped from nearly 30% in 2010 to 3.6% last year.

Experts say this trend reflects the view that the US is losing its attractive light to Chinese people. “30 years ago, many people think that coming to the US is like going to paradise,” Liu Peng. An education consultant in Qingdao City said. “Now people think the US is lagging behind while China is growing.” Usa news

The complex view of Chinese people with the US poses challenges to Chinese leaders at a time when the trade war is taking place. Chinese leaders may be reluctant to emphasize the confrontation between the two countries . Because they think Chinese people still give much love to the country.

After the US imposed new taxes, Chinese state media increased propaganda against the US. However, officials remain cautious with this approach because of concerns that. If they push the message against the US too far, they risk making nationalism out of control. That will limit their choices in negotiations with Washington because they will always have to be tough, not flexible.

On the other hand, if Chinese leaders act too softly, they may be criticized by the domestic public for being too humble before the United States. Usa news

Chen Chun, a liberal political expert in Guangzhou, said he was recently invited to meet with local security officials. They called for him to have a more moderate tone in his writings.

“They said that Chinese people are easily agitated and emotions can become very complicated,” Chen said. “On the one hand, the government wants to use nationalism to promote domestic support. However, if nationalists are out of control, this may also affect the authority of leadership and stability of the system “.

Even if the two countries can soon reach a trade agreement, experts say Chinese leaders will still prepare for a period of prolonged competition with the US. They may adjust policy based on the views of the younger generation. usa news

“The old generation of China is both respectful and afraid of America. Since we grew up, we have considered Americans to be superior and we are weak. However, the views of Chinese youth are now different. not respectful, nor afraid of the US “, nationalist writer Wang Xiaodong said.


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