Fox News Radio on May 16 said the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln arrived in the northern Arab Sea position, two weeks earlier than the plan to deploy, to deter Iran. Us news

According to US defense officials, in addition to dozens of F-18 Super Hornet fighters on the carrier. The other ships in the combat group of USS Abraham Lincoln have hundreds of Tomahawk missiles ready to attack in the school. United States forces are attacked.

The announcement came amid reports that Iran’s most important military leader had a meeting with Iraqi militia forces in Baghdad and ordered “preparation for proxy war“, according to the Guardian.

Two high-level intelligence sources said Qassem Suleimani. The leader of Iran’s Quds forces summoned Iraqi militia three weeks ago, amid tensions in the region. The move to mobilize Iranian allies in the region is said to have triggered fears in the United States that. Washington’s interests in the Middle East are facing a significant threat. On May 16, Britain also raised the threat to its soldiers in Iraq.

 Iraqi militia forces in Baghdad and ordered "preparation for proxy war"
Iraqi militia forces in Baghdad and ordered “preparation for proxy war”

According to the Guardian, while Suleimani still has regular meetings with Iraqi Shia leaders over the past five years. The nature and tone of the meeting is very different.

The meeting led to frenetic diplomacy between the United States, Britain and Iraqi officials who are trying to stop clashes between Tehran and Washington. Now they are increasingly worried that Iraq may become an arena. for such a conflict.

Meanwhile, three US officials on May 16 revealed to Reuters that. President Donald Trump told senior advisers he did not want the United States involved in war with Iran.

“Mr. Trump does not want to go to war,” said an unnamed official.

According to US officials, President Trump spoke with national security officials and other aides that he wanted to keep tensions with Tehran from slipping into a military conflict. However, the head of the United States also made it clear that he would protect US interests in the region. Us news


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