2019 can be considered the year of Keanu Reeves. The door to the Marvel universe remains open to 54-year-old amateurs, but this could become a turning point in his career.

There was a long time when fans could not help but read the news about the life of Keanu Reeves – Hollywood’s top action superstar.

The life of this famous actor is covered by many interesting, sad and happy stories, but all are extremely funny and do not have the appearance of a big star.

That’s what makes Keanu Reeves more special than any other A-star and has kept him in love for more than 20 years. Although it was 1990 or 2019, people still called him by his beloved name, “the actor who could not fall in love.”

However, it is time for the public to prepare to receive a completely new Keanu Reeves as the recently called NSS magazine is a “Keanu Reeves reborn”.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 1
Is the public prepared to welcome a completely new Keanu Reeves in the future?

Keanu Reeves revival at the age of U60?

When John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum did not cool down, the name Keanu Reeves continued to spread everywhere because of the new projects he contributed. It was the role of playing herself in the romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe on Netflix on May 31 and the voice role of Toy Story character Duke Caboom 4. The Canadian actor also made the social network Waking up when the man appeared in the game Cyberpunk 2077.

In addition, the source also said that Reeves will play the antagonist guest in Hobbs & Shaw – the tale of Fast & Furious about to debut in August.

But most notable is the news that the 54-year-old star is about to join the Marvel superhero universe. A recent rumor suggests that Marvel Studios is negotiating with Reeves about The Eternals. Meanwhile, the star expressed his desire to buy the famous Wolverine, the mutant character who had been with Hugh Jackman for 17 years.

Just like John Wick’s role in the series of the same name, Keanu Reeves is being hunted by both the entertainment industry and Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige. Marvel insists they love Keanu Reeves in the same way that millions of viewers have loved him for years.

“We talked to him about every movie I made. I’m not sure when Keanu will officially join MCU, but we will find ways to get him,” Feige told Insider.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 2
John Wick series is one of the film brands bearing the stamp of Keanu Reeves.

All were just on the plan and anticipated, but that was enough to make Keanu Reeves fans excited. Their polite actor is preparing to have extremely exciting re-releases.

After a quiet period of time, Keanu Reeves returned to being more quiet than ever. 2019 can be considered a wonderful and memorable time for the actor. His name is mentioned on all fronts from movie theaters, small screens and, of course, throughout social networking sites.

Many people hope to cooperate with Marvel Studio will be a new and brighter turning point for Reeves. Some people also tease that becoming Marvel’s superhero will help the actor have more money to … do charity, according to his previous aspirations.

Keanu Reeves is not only sad

Currently, online is spreading the phrase “Keanaissance” (Keanu revival) instead of the familiar phrase “Sad Keanu” (sad Keanu) that many people use to call him. Because, unlike the usual sluggish image, the audience began to see more cheerful features in him and he smiled more. The actor opened his heart to the public with heartfelt sharing on TV shows and interviews.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 3
Despite experiencing many tragedies in the past, with a face full of care but in fact the 54-year-old actor is a very optimistic and positive person.

In fact, so far, newspapers have not had many opportunities to exploit this amateur. Because of his private life like a sealed box, the key has been thoroughly hidden by him over the years.

GQ’s interview pen once remarked: “In some extraordinary way, Keanu Reeves has always maintained a quiet, mysterious and completely confidential image even though he has been an A-star for decades. by”.

People often only know about actors with his roles, along with the tragedy period in the past. The story of the tragic and lonely life of Keanu Reeves has been advertised over the past ten years throughout international newspapers. The pain of losing Keanu Reeves’s three most beloved people of course still clung to him no matter how many years passed. Thereby, fans still feel that sadness in the eyes of Reeves.

In 2010, a photo of Keanu Reeves became famous, capturing him sitting on a park bench with his sandwich and looking sad and lonely. However, the actor proved the opposite by saying: “A photo is more meaningful than a thousand words, but sometimes the words don’t make sense.” He confirmed that he was really a happy person.

However, it is probably time to remember him in a different way. Anyway, sadness is never something anyone wants to be remembered with. And so could Keanu Reeves. More than anyone else, he was the one who reborn from tragedy.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 4
Let a revival Reanu replace a sad Reanu.

“I do not want to run away from life because I understand its beauty. I still want to get married, have children and I will do it at all costs. Sometimes, destruction also means rebirth.” Keanu Reeves once shared when asked about past tragedies.

So, is there any reason why people who love you still call it “sad Keanu”?

Even in the most desperate moments, Keanu Reeves always said: “Every difficulty in life helps you grow up. Be grateful for that dark time because thanks to them you will become stronger” .

In fact, he has more than sadness to tell and they deserve to be remembered by the public. Therefore, instead of being compassionate for Reeves’s life, many people choose to “make him happier”, or at least with him to make fun of life.

According to Time magazine, more than 200,000 people called on Reddit to select the June 15 annual “Happy Keanu Day” because it was the day when his sad photo became “legendary.” Fans in turn invite each other to follow the kind actions of the actor to the community such as donating money to cancer research organizations, bone marrow donation or participating in charitable activities under his name.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 5
Hundreds of thousands of people willing to join Keanu Reeves as volunteers only hope the actor is happy.

How much admiration is there for Keanu Reeves?

As a Hollywood A-star, Keanu Reeves always appears in the audience’s memory with extremely special images. He was not flashy but simple, kind to strangely. Just once searching on Google, you can find countless simple stories about his generosity, ease, friendliness.

When he first met someone, he also started by smiling and introducing himself as Keanu Revees – which should have been absolutely unnecessary for a star like him.

After many years, Keanu Reeves always strives to shake off the sad image and become the inspiration for humble and positive lifestyle. The New Yorker once had a portrait of him with the title: “Keanu Reeves is too good for this world!” Even the topic “Good stories about Keanu Reeves” was initiated by a writer on Twitter. and many people responded.

The movement about Keanu with his kind actions starting from the story of this actor had bought a whole lot of land to be a school for children who didn’t know just because he suddenly heard that the children were missing one. school to learn.

Marvel co la su tro lai vui tuoi hon cua Keanu Reeves? hinh anh 6
The 54-year-old actor inspired many people by his kind action in real life.

This topic quickly attracted attention from the online community and many people had the chance to meet Reeves who shared his kindness, with hashtag “Keanu Stories” (Keanu’s stories).

And so, the image of the amateur is not drawn through the glamorous red carpet pictures or interviews that are faithfully reproduced by very small but emotional stories about him. You can appear from anywhere: On the subway, the sidewalk, the park with anyone from beggars, guards, children, fans and leave their hearts extremely precious.

Keanu Reeves is given a lot of nicknames from the “Most Popular Actor”, “Gentle Prince”, “The King of Women Respect” or “Internet Boyfriend”. All just to show the love and admiration they give to the 54-year-old actor, by the personality of his goodness in real life.


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