When switching to automatic examinations, the candidates cannot bribe anyone and the number of people who pass the driver license test is slashed in Delhi from 16.2% to 48.9%.

Experts say that in Delhi, where at least 2,000 people die each year from traffic accidents, automated practice tests are a “very clear” way to ensure unsafe drivers cannot take get a driver license, according to Hindustan Times.

driver license
One of the test centers licensed by automatic systems in Delhi. Photo: The Hindu

The appearance of automatic test lines at three Delhi driver licensing centers led to a spike in the number of people who failed in the practical part, according to data from the Indian government.

At least 48.9% of the candidates at the three centers, where automatic practice exams were introduced in March this year, were slipped. Previously, this number was only 16.2%.

“The majority of people who die from traffic accidents come from human mistakes. Since the automated system has eliminated human intervention from the tests, preventing drivers lacking quality. and it is not safe enough to get involved in the traffic, the new style test is so difficult that if a driver fails to score 70% of the score, he or she will fail and must apply for a retest, “said Piyush Tewari, fund manager. Save Life Foundation speaks.

From March, three centers – Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Surajmal Vihar and Burari – became the first places in Delhi to switch to fully automated systems. Candidates will be monitored and scored through high-resolution sensors and cameras throughout the exam to ensure a “scientific” outcome.

The new automated test lines have 10 different models – 7 for cars and 3 for motorcycles. One of them looks like the picture above, in addition to parallel parking skills, going round 8 and S-shaped reversing, students also have to control the vehicle through an intersection or stop in mid-slopes and other skills. Candidates who do not drive off the line and return to the finish line within the time allowed will be charged to complete the test.

At 7 other traditional driver licensing centers in Delhi, practice tests will take place on public roads, where drivers control cars on a distance of nearly one kilometer under the supervision of a supervisor. Marketing. While centers that apply automated systems do not have human intervention, the results at the centers will usually be based on the determination of the supervisor as well as the center staff.

At automated systems, officers are only responsible for monitoring the examination process and signing on the results sheet that has been automatically printed. Candidates are therefore unable to bribe anyone, meaning there is no “anti-slip fee” in these centers.


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