British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation on June 7 after failing to bring the country to a Brexit agreement.

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“I will resign as leader of the Conservative Party and the Union on Friday June 7 to select the successor,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said outside the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street today.

She said that being the British prime minister was “honoring my life”. She listed the achievements of the government, including resolving the deficit, reducing unemployment and increasing the budget for people’s mental health but acknowledging “I still deeply regret when I cannot bring the country.” reach Brexit agreement “.

“I have done everything to convince MPs to support the deal. Sadly, I have not achieved success. I have tried three times, I believe I am right when I persevere, even when those “But now, I think that leaving a new Prime Minister to lead this effort will bring the greatest benefit to the nation,” she said.

At the end of the speech, May stressed that she was “the second female prime minister of the UK but certainly not the last”. “I have worked with great and persistent gratitude for having the opportunity to serve the country I love,” she said chokedly.

The resignation announcement came after a meeting with Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, which is preparing a vote of no confidence if May refuses to resign. The new leadership election will begin next week and is expected to last 6 weeks.

Soon after May’s resignation, Labor leader Jeremy Bernard Corbyn called for a general election immediately.

Bà May tuyên bố từ chức trước Văn phòng Thủ tướng, số 10 phố Downing. Ảnh: AFP.
Ms. May announced her resignation before the Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street. Photo: AFP.

The British Prime Minister resigned after nearly three years leading the country. In her first speech as Prime Minister on July 13, 2016, she pledged to resist “injustice that is silently” restraining people, promising “a country that works for everyone” but most of them During her tenure, she used to solve the problem of Britain leaving the European Union (Brexit).

May’s departure will deepen the Brexit crisis because new leaders can push the Brexit deal more aggressively. The leading successors will face difficulties because the EU declares that it will not renegotiate the signing agreement in November 2018. However, the draft agreement was twice rejected by the British parliament. Most MPs think it makes him lose.

He organized a referendum in June 2016 with the result that 52% of people voted in favor of leaving the EU. Under the plan, he left the alliance on March 29. The EU in November 2018 accepted the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration on EU-UK relations in London’s future. It took the parties 17 months to come up with provisions for Brexit, including financial issues, citizenship and Northern Ireland.

Thủ tướng Anh Theresa May như sắp khóc khi kết thúc bài phát biểu. Ảnh: Reuters.
British Prime Minister Theresa May was about to cry at the end of the speech. Photo: Reuters.


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