Each day carrier Type-001A consumes about 1,100 tons of fuel and needs to replenish any time one third of its 13,000 tons of fuel is used.

Type-001A aircraft carrier, built by the new China-based carrier Liaoning, is in the process of testing and calibrating the system before being put into use, probably later this year.

Although not yet in use, experts have pointed out the limitations of this carrier in combat operations, especially fuel problems, Asia Times said. Type-001A aircraft carrier uses the same boiler power and drive power system as Liaoning aircraft carrier.

Type-001A carries a maximum of about 13,000 tons of fuel. Each day the ship consumes about 1,100 tons of fuel when running at a speed of 20 knots, about 1,500 tons / day when active fighting. In addition, the fighter squadron on the J-15 also needed to provide adequate fuel and lubricating oils.

Tau san bay tu dong cua Trung Quoc lo diem yeu dang ngai hinh anh 1
Type-001A carrier next to the ship supports Type-901 quick combat. Photo: Weibo.

The issue of concern is that the vessel needs to supplement fuel at any time consuming up to a third of the fuel. Military analysts estimate that Type-001A can only operate for 6 consecutive days between refueling sessions.

The time between refueling times is too short, leading to limitations in off-shore combat. Whenever Type-001A, or Liaoning, usually operates on the sea with 6-8 corvettes, fuel, ammunition and food supplies will be loaded by 23,500 tons of logistics ship Type-903. undertake.

Type-903 can carry 10,500 tons of fuel, 250 tons of fresh water, 680 tons of cargo and ammunition. Limited in the logistics capacity of the logistics ship, it means that the Chinese navy is unlikely to be able to supply the entire carrier group twice.

Meanwhile, the US class Nimitz aircraft carry runs on nuclear power, so there is no need to refuel the engine.

Recognizing this restriction, China has built two new Type-901 fast combat support vessels, with a load of 45,000 tons, to enhance the supply capacity for the sea-going carrier group.



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