The lifestyles of each person, multiplied by several billion times across the planet, are the reason the climate environment can be destroyed within the next few years.

Cameron Shingleton is the author of the book “Things You Did Not Know About Western Boys” (Young Publisher 2017) written in Vietnamese. Born in Melbourne, Australia, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Melbourne. In 5 years living in Ho Chi Minh City, Cameron has learned Vietnamese and learned the difference in East-West culture.

We often say Australia not only has four but also five seasons. In the middle of summer there is the 5th season – the forest fire season. That’s when the temperature rises, many areas are so dry and hot that one feels the whole world can explode in smoke and smoke.

At 8 years old, while studying on an afternoon in mid-February (the summer season of Australia), I looked out the window and saw a cloud of purple clouds slowly covering the horizon. That evening, many of Melbourne’s suburbs were burned. Ash ashes blew through the streets of the districts near the center like my family residential area.

Most Australians probably have experienced this uneasiness in the following decades: The hotter the summer in Australia, the longer the 5th season. The greater the risk of repeating the disasters I have witnessed, on a larger scale.

Worse, in Australia today wildfires occur not only in 2 or 3 weeks in the middle of the summer, but occasionally spring and autumn are hot enough, dry enough to cause a disaster.

And to some extent, many Vietnamese people are experiencing the same experience this season.

Although famous for only two seasons (dry and rainy), it seems that Saigon needs another third season: “extremely dry” season, including March and April when almost all green space will be affected. the sun rises in gold, it can be blown up in the smoke. Bright sun, erratic heat.

In Hanoi, there is a good reason to set up a separate 5th season as in Australia. This “super hot” season in the North begins in May, which used to be hot but in the past few years it has been uncomfortable and lasted longer. in the face.

In Vietnam as well as in Australia, people are not only uncomfortable but also worried about rising temperatures. Everyone has a gloomy feeling when the weather is much hotter than the past.

But the feeling of insecurity may not just end there.

Hình ảnh có liên quan


When connecting the daily weather information and what’s happening around the world, it’s not difficult to realize the fact is worse: The climate is heating up; ice caps on both poles are melting rapidly; sea level is therefore rising hour by hour; Natural disasters occur more frequently.

And unfortunately, scientists are predicting that this problem is becoming more and more serious because we humans do not stop actions that are considered to be the main agents.

The lifestyles of each person, multiplied by several billion times across the planet, are the reason the climate environment can be destroyed within the next few years.

The problem lies in what we consume every day. If you’re eating a lot of beef, or using a lot of milk, you’re contributing to something more serious. Because the cow “releases” very large amounts of metal, and this gas has a greenhouse effect 30 times stronger than CO2.

The problem lies in how we move. Jet engines of the aircraft consume huge amounts of fuel and emit CO2 and some other greenhouse gases; high above, they have a greenhouse effect several times higher than the ground.

The problem lies in what we are building and selling. Nearly all of the energy we need to produce them is the burning of fossil fuels and the release of CO2.

Even your first reaction to avoid the direct consequences of hot weather – holding the remote up and opening the air conditioner – has also made matters worse. Air conditioner consumes 10 times more electricity than a fan. Electricity consumption is due to the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.


It can be said that in the past, the most common reaction to climate change is refusal. In many countries with temperate climates, people keep saying: If the climate gets hot, the winter will be less cold in the future; Anyway, the fact that we use a lot of fossil fuels has brought many benefits to mankind.

In Vietnam, people have a more practical way to reject this issue. Vietnamese people often say: “I have to take care of all kinds of money and rice. Long-term climate change is not related to me. Why do I have to worry?”

However, this method seems to be no longer convincing, as more and more scientific evidence proves the danger from climate change.

Since then, many people have turned to “sell denial”, reflected in thinking and behavior, both in the West and in Vietnam.

Accordingly, we just accept the truth in theory and continue to ignore reality. We continue to live, enjoy life as before, and complain of hot weather day after day. It was as if no one knew the daily weather and the global climate was intimately connected.

But after a period of time, the “sell-denial” period also reaches the limit, especially in those who associate the daily experience with the general situation, which is more evident in the West: People We begin to understand what is going on is an unprecedented disaster and start to feel horrified.

And science gives us enough basis to be appalled.

Two good English words are used to talk about the speed and scope of today’s problems as “catastrophic” and “runaway”. The first word means “disaster”, the second means “so fast that it cannot be stopped”.

That is definitely not the only way of talking about the press. Last year, Nature magazine published a summary of a large-scale study of climatologists. The paper provides a specific yearly forecast, where the consequences of climate change will become so serious that science has a good reason to call this phenomenon “unstoppable”.

Do you know what year 2023.

Even right now, there will be many people who still think: We have this problem mainly because the scientific and technical community has invented methods to create and consume energy. Therefore, we can still ask the scientific-technical community to find a way out of a disastrous scenario.

This way of thinking is just paranoid. Scientists have confirmed that they do not have a magic wand to turn things around once people continue to meet the old personal needs: burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and emit CO2 .

Governments in other countries are also largely responsible for this situation because they have spent more than two decades not seriously implementing it. And finally, it’s because they made the mistake of providing us with the things we want: want to eat, want to buy, want to build. These are ways that have met our needs in the old fashion – by burning fossil fuels for electricity generation and CO2 emissions.

Hình ảnh có liên quan


Fortunately, there is also a period of “behind denial.” At that time, we will have to face it honestly and face-to-face. We have to admit the harsh truth is that the climate is die, we ourselves have been killing it, panic, we must calm down to solve it.

The Vietnamese language has a profound sentence: the unfortunate accident of heroes. The tribulation has come and the good news is that the hero has been and is coming. They appear worldwide.

They may be old or still very young, named David Attenborough (93 years) and Greta Thunberg (16 years). The first to produce documentary films about the natural world for nearly 70 years. The second is leading a movement that connects students who realize they will have to live the rest of their lives under the gloom of climate change.

Besides, there are many other anonymous heroes.

These are climatologists who have been working for more than 20 years to help us understand the real danger of climate change.

Or it could be that Australian and Vietnamese farmers have warned: If we do not change the way of cultivating the land, there is a high possibility that the soil will crack or be flooded with salt water to the point of being unable to cultivate. half. They stood out, said it, and declared: I will do another.

It is true that we need many heroes such as David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg as well as talented climatologists, conscious farmers.

However, most of us are not heroes. And what we desperately need are ordinary people who face climate change directly. We need people like you – as well as your family and friends – to give up double standards, not accept the theory but ignore reality.

We need many people to recognize the problem and take responsibility for a series of personal decisions – about what we buy, the food we consume, how we move.

We need to think about an urgent question: How can society generate energy without releasing huge amounts of CO2?

We need people who are frightened honestly, wonder why we have a “weather” migraine, and then deal with fear in a rational, mature, and calm manner.

And we need these things because 2023 is coming very close.

Science has proven that Australia and Vietnam have the most vulnerable climate systems. The prolonged hot weather is an undeniable proof of the impact of climate change.


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