We always remind ourselves of understanding to listen to each other, but forget to tell ourselves something to understand and love ourselves with the silence inside us.

Erling Kagge – the first person in history, approached and conquered the harsh “three limits” of the world: Mount Everest, Antarctica and Arctic without any support. In the book I find myself in a deserted place, he shares his views to help us really understand: “What is silence? Where can we find silence? And how can silence bring positive changes? “

When our minds are too conservative with life

The majority of us have always decided in our hearts beforehand: “Silence is what we should have when we feel sad. In addition, it is useless”. But we do not know that, in order to heal the hurt and to have joy in our hearts, we need more silence for ourselves.

In a double study of the University of Virginia and Harvard, scientists allowed individuals to participate in a room within six to 15p without music to listen to, no materials to read, no opportunity to use smart phones.

They are left with their thoughts.

Participants are between the ages of 18 and 77 and have different social backgrounds; But despite these differences, the results are exactly the same. Most feel uncomfortable. They reported that it was very difficult for them to concentrate in the moments when they had to go through alone, even if nothing interrupted them.

One-third of the participants chose to take this test home, so far acknowledged that they could not complete the exercise according to regulations, such as shortening the number of minutes required to sit still.

Dieu dang so nhat la doi dien voi chinh minh? hinh anh 1
We often try to make busy, avoid the moment of silence facing ourselves

Perhaps the most frightening thing is facing yourself?

Silence is synonymous with a journey we must question and look at ourselves. Anyone who doesn’t feel strange about it is probably afraid and afraid of it. So it is probably why many people are terrified of silence (this explains the fact that music is available anytime, anywhere).

Behind that is the fear that we will have to understand ourselves better, the fear of looking back on the past trauma to accept it.

We always try to keep ourselves busy with one thing or another, avoid silence, focus on new work, send some messages, surf social networks, open a little music, watch TV, or try Try to let thoughts pass quickly. It’s rare to have a moment when we close ourselves from the world to really sit in silence, facing ourselves.

Silence helps us to love ourselves more

We always tell us to pay attention to the body, dress up, wear jewelry, be more beautiful. There is a difference between “self-love” and “narcissictic persionality”.

In essence, love yourself is to keep yourself connected to your own selves and thereby connect, harmonize with the surrounding relationships.

To connect with yourself, you need a quiet time to listen to your desires, identify your fears, and face your fragility and vulnerability to transform them.

By loving yourself, respecting the individual traits we have and our own differences, you will understand and respect and embrace those around you.

Being affectionate is that you only think for yourself, you don’t really connect with anything, you always have to be the center of everything, you don’t need to sympathize with others … but it only reflects things There is something in you that you still fear and avoid them.

The humor also spends a lot of time with itself, but it is often time to pay attention to outside pleasures so that there is no need to look inside.

Throughout the book I have been searching for a secluded place, Erling Kagge with the story of conquering my own limits and the world, he has started a journey of self-awareness. A moment of silence listening to the wind and trees, feeling the strong aroma of weeds, not a little entangled with the bustling urban world. No matter how beautiful I am, how good I am, completely separate. It was then that he knew who he was, what he really wanted.

In general, Erling Kagge’s thought was very simple but groundbreaking when pointed out: The silence rests like a baby bird in my palm. Silence makes it easy for us to see ourselves in our experience.

Lonely on the ocean, you can hear the sound of flowing water; in the forest, you hear the murmuring stream or the sound of the branches swinging in the wind; on the top of the mountain, you hear tiny movements between stone and moss.

Those are quiet times that make us feel peaceful.

“I seek it within myself. Every minute. ”

Dieu dang so nhat la doi dien voi chinh minh? hinh anh 3
Silence helps us see ourselves in our own experience

But in addition to the journeys separate from that prosperous world, silence may always occur in the home, which can easily happen when we come to the office, when we take the time to pause for a while. before a meeting, or leave an unnecessary conversation. Closing the world, is not the same as turning away from what is around us, but the opposite: it is in the world to see the world more clearly.

In fact, the state of “hiding in noise” is a state that helps reduce stress very well. Most of us, when we are sad, alone or stressed, are interested in eating, shopping, stimulating substances … to be released,

But it is also the reason why we have so many internal conflicts and always feel like we don’t really understand ourselves, nor do we know who we are. We sleep, wake up, check the phone, take a bath, eat and go to work. At work, I answer messages, go to meetings, read and chat …

Our brain, which works so well in auto mode, is no longer helpful. It is not easy to be relaxed when there is nothing else going on, when quiet and alone, we often choose to do something rather than filling ourselves with that silence to understand ourselves. We gradually realize that the source of many of our problems is, in my view, an inner struggle without this insight.

Silence in the age of noise is a book shared by special experiences on solo trips to Erling Kagge’s desolate places. In the book, the author talks about the silence on the journey to the polar regions, to the highest peak and the process of finding silence in the hustle and modern life.


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