The old Windows versions are at risk of being affected by the Bluekeep vulnerability, enabling hackers to perform large-scale attacks like 2017.
According to BGR, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has issued a notice calling for old W users to quickly update to the latest Win 10 version to avoid facing “disaster.”

The reason is that these devices are vulnerable because the serious Bluekeep vulnerability was discovered a few weeks ago.

Bluekeep was compared to the WannaCry malware attack that devastated the worldwide computer system in 2017, causing losses from hundreds of millions to 4 billion dollars.

Day la ly do nguoi dung Windows 7, XP can nang cap ngay lap tuc hinh anh 1
Bluekeep is serious flaw, threatening nearly 1 million Window devices. Photo: Enlarge.

The Bluekeep vulnerability allows hackers to distribute malware remotely via the Remote Destop Services service. According to Microsoft, there are nearly 1 million devices at risk of being attacked due to this security error, especially older versions like Win 7 and XP.

The NSA warned administrators and Windows users to update the patch to avoid a widespread crisis. Microsoft said the Bluekeep vulnerability could spread malicious code without an Internet connection.

The world has seen many cases of “computer worms” devastating systems that haven’t patched. This security error affects versions from Win 7 and earlier. Specific list includes:

    Windows XP

    Windows Server 2003

    Windows Vista

    Windows Server 2008

    Windows 7

    Windows Server 2008 R2

Day la ly do nguoi dung Windows 7, XP can nang cap ngay lap tuc hinh anh 2
Bluekeep can cause denial of service attacks or malicious code spreads like WannaCry. Photo: Techcrunch.

The NSA fears the Bluekeep vulnerability will facilitate the type of extortion encryption software, or the denial of service attacks that erupt.

“We recommend that people take the time and resources to update the latest operating system patch. This is very important, not only for protecting the national security system but for all networks, ”NSA announced.


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