Exposure to world-class characters, world tourism, high salaries … is not all of the flight attendants service for private flights.

Many people consider air travel as a luxury service. On the contrary, some people require flights to meet high demands such as a movie theater, separate sleeping area, even a working room … High-end private airlines were born to serve cases of those who belong to the upper class. Passengers on VIP-class private flights are often famous artists, royal families, wealthy businessmen …

Talking about the premium service of luxury flights, the key to smooth operation of luxury flights must include flight attendants. The duty of these people is to be on duty for many consecutive hours, always keeping the spirit of tireless service to the best possible 5-star services for special passengers. Page CNN had a conversation with the flight attendants serving veteran VIPs and revealed the interesting facts about their tens of thousands of dollars.

Flight attendants – jobs “making bride of hundreds of family”

Many people think flight attendants are a flashy profession and make money. The truth is that the flight attendants earn money, travel around the world, but in return, they are under pressure, forcing themselves within the framework of the rigorous service industry to fulfill their duty of gratitude. traveler.

VIP flight attendants are tasked to meet all the needs of passengers
VIP flight attendants are tasked to meet all the needs of passengers

The people in the stewardess industry consider it a job of “making hundreds of them”, some even compare it to nothing less than a waiter in a restaurant. Obviously, they have to prepare drinks, clean up trash, even take care of pets for the guests.

Flight attendant Kimberlay Benton shared with CNN, she has been in the business for 9 years. The reason Kimberley chose this career is because of his great passion for travel. The hostess is proud to show off that she has set foot in more than 130 countries, participating in more than 14 tours around the world.

CNN quoted Kimberlay: “For me, being a VIP flight attendant is not only about providing the best service to customers, but also creating experience.”

“VIP customers are very careful. They want the attendant to be sensitive, know exactly what they want, everything they ask for right away, ”the 32-year-old stewardess added.

Benton shared, she organized luxury parties in the sky at the request of VIP passengers. Exchanging with famous stars, close to billionaires, millionaires, royal figures … is a daily affair of attendants like Benton.

The mission of the flight attendants at the upper parties is to coordinate everything smoothly, all must always be under control. Sometimes, attendants must stop passengers when they drink too much, but still make sure not to ruin their fun.

On the luxurious flight there is a dead body

Mary Kalymnou, a veteran flight attendant with 13 years of experience, works for famous private airlines, interacting with many international figures. She served on famous jets like the long-range G550 or Embraer Legacy.

Over a decade of career, Mary witnessed many strange flights of celebrities. Revealed to CNN, Mary said she used to fly a rare parrot, dozens of luxury parcels … The most shuddering thing was that there was a dead body.

As flight attendants were difficult, flight attendants serving private flights were even more under pressure
As flight attendants were difficult, flight attendants serving private flights were even more under pressure

The body was placed in an expensive gilded wooden coffin, next to the high-class goods. It was not the only time Mary served the corpse. Before that, she also faced the deceased twice. Mary said that those three ill-fated passengers were very famous people. Before their death, they traveled for the last time and were sent home by plane.

“The job of flight attendants requires a lot of sacrifices. We need to learn how to be patient, be flexible and have self-esteem”, Kalymnou confided in his career.

“Every girl can learn this job, but not everyone achieves an important position in the industry. This profession requires us to make a personal difference. Being professional is not enough, making me unique “, is Mary’s share when asked about careers.

The working environment of flight attendants is highly eliminated. Anyone can be easily replaced by a new, flexible, smart or beautiful newcomer.

Kalymnou says that to be successful, a flight attendant needs to have superior service skills, creative thinking, excellent manners and elegant and hospitable attitudes. Kalymou’s success in flight attendant has given Kalymou a stable career and the opportunity for stewardesses to become famous travel bloggers.

Travel around the world and surprises

Serving on private flights is also an opportunity for flight attendants to travel around the world. Luxury travelers using private flight services will be allowed to choose the crew they like or are familiar with.

On those flights, the crew is allowed to use luxury services as much as passengers. However, many times the difficulties of VIP customers make it difficult for the attendants.

Kalymnou shared that her guest used to ask for expensive shark fin to be placed 48 hours in advance. Causing the attendant to get upset to bring the food to the flight. However, at mealtimes, the guests decided not to use it anymore.

The working environment of flight attendants is highly eliminated
The working environment of flight attendants is highly eliminated

“It’s just a normal case of our daily life as a VIP flight attendant. We always try our best, even if not necessary, ”Kalymnou added.

Benton flight attendant shared that she had served a luxury travel flight, in the aircraft decorated with transparent silk carpets, even WC seats designed by the famous Italian fashion firm. Another time, the steward worked on a private plane with almost everything made of carbon fiber.

Benton told CNN, private flights provide an absolute personal experience for customers. She revealed that there are no uniforms for VIP attendants on private flights, Benton has been asked to wear self-prepared high-heeled shoes. “Another thing that has nothing to do with my work, I find that high-class customers often hide their wealth with a simple appearance,” Benton said.

Life of people who are always in “standby mode”

During a conversation with CNN, the long-standing flight attendants rated their lives associated with their work were life in standby. They do not know where they will go after long flight hours. Even, they kept waiting so that they could not receive a proper day off.

Offset work pressure is trips around the world
Offset work pressure is trips around the world

With high demands from work, flight attendants on private flights have free and active jobs, they receive commensurate salary, about 195-587 USD / day. Depending on experience and ability to trade. with the flight operator.

More than money, the flight attendants receive even more value. Benton said she used to receive expensive bags given by passengers. Traveling to Japan, tomorrow through Maldives, and going to Bali (Indonesia) the other day. “Waiting to set foot on new lands is the privilege of free flight attendants like me,” Benton said.

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