On July 21, the world championship swimming tournament will take place in Korea. Despite being involved in a doping scandal, China’s Sun Yang is still allowed to attend the tournament.

During the press conference ahead of the 2019 world championships, Lilly King, Olympic gold medalist Rio, criticized the abuse of doping when playing.

Lilly King, who owns two Rio 2016 Olympic gold medals, is not happy about this. She said: “I personally am not really comfortable with doping control, because we are competing with people who use banned substances. It is really not funny to talk about this.”

 Sun Yang
Lilly King spoke at the press conference. Photo: Yonhap.

“The first thing we can do is not allow those who smash bottles of blood samples to participate in the competition,” the American fisherman refers to Sun Yang.

In September 2018, Chinese male fishermen were unexpectedly sampled at their home in Zhejiang Province. However, he broke a number of testing protocols, including leaving the room to collect urine specimens and smashing a bottle containing blood samples.

The International Water Sports Association (FINA) allowed Sun Yang to attend the world championship, before a hearing in September. According to The Times, he may face a ban on playing for life if using banned substances.

Lilly King earlier also criticized Yulia Efimova, who was banned for 16 months because she was positive for banned substances. At the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Russian female fisherman returned to impress when crossing the King at the final of 100m female frog. King then refused to shake hands with the opponent.

King currently holds the world record for 50 m and 100 m female frogs. She is aiming to protect her title at the 2019 World Championship.



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