In the context of escalating commercial warfare, Google brought the first shock to Huawei.
According to sources close to Reuters, Google suspended some items of cooperation with Huawei. The search giant asked Huawei to hand over all hardware and software products related to Google. However, products are protected with open source licenses, Google will still maintain business with Huawei.

Pain with the Chinese giant

This is considered a pain attack that the US government targets Chinese technology companies in the context of the war of trade peaked stress. Once again the US government has shown that it will seek to bring Chinese technology companies to the black list worldwide.

Google vua 'chia tay' Huawei, co the ngung cung cap Android moi hinh anh 1
Google may ban Huawei from using services such as Google Play, Android, Gmail … Photos: Reuters

Huawei Technologies will immediately lose access to Android OS updates later (for example, upcoming Android Q). If using the open source version of Android, Huawei devices also do not have Google Play and Gmail or YouTube. Reuters

According to Reuters, detailed information about the case is still being discussed further by Google. Huawei spokesman also said on Friday that Huawei lawyers are also studying the effects of the US Department of Commerce around the incident.

Currently, Huawei has not said any more about the shocking news that may have a great influence on this company.

In addition, the representative of the US Department of Commerce did not immediately comment.

As such, Huawei phones can still use the current version of the Android operating system through an open source license, free for anyone to use.

However, Google will stop providing technical support and cooperation activities with Huawei in the future, the source added.

Google vua 'chia tay' Huawei, co the ngung cung cap Android moi hinh anh 2
Huawei is the “rising star” threatening directly Apple, Samsung. Autonomous technology manufacturing microprocessor and 5G network, can surpass Qualcomm and any telecommunications companies to deploy 5G infrastructure in China or globally. Photo: The Verge.

On May 16, the presidential administration Donald Trump officially added Huawei to the blacklist. Immediately, authorities issued limited regulations, making it difficult for Huawei to do business with partners from the US.

Huawei foresaw the “separation” of US partners

In addition to the Android operating system, Huawei also buys a lot of components – technology from the US. According to SCMP, HiSilicon, a subsidiary that makes Huawei’s chip manufacturing, has been preparing for many years for the scenario of not buying important components from the US.

“One day, all chips and advanced technology from the US will not be able to be purchased,” Director HiSilicon He Tingbo made predictions in an internal note several years ago.

Although hopefully it never happens, the company must prepare a “spare tire” to ensure its business. They spend a lot of resources investing in chipset research and development.

In recent years, Huawei has achieved success when continuously launching chipsets with similar performance to Qualcomm. They are even the first manufacturer in the world to make mobile SoC on 7 nm process. “The US has made the craziest decision to put Huawei in (controlled export list),” said Ms. He Tingbo. “Now, when history has chosen, the ‘spare tire’ we built has moved to Plan A”.

However, Huawei has never revealed a separate operating system development project. Smartphone of this company is still using Android from Google. The latest developments from the US-China trade war can cause mobile village “figure 2” to collapse, or at least reduce growth.

In the short term, Huawei’s smartphone business in the domestic market will be less affected by most Google services banned in China. But for external markets, being “stopped playing” by Google will be a very painful blow for Huawei.


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