Following the resounding hits, Marvel will unveil its blockbuster Avengers Project at the video game industry’s biggest fair of the year.
According to Twitter Marvel account, the Avengers Project will be announced at 6 pm on June 10 (US time) at the event of Japanese game developer Square Enix, ahead of the E3 fair, at the same time livestream on the website.

The detailed content remains confidential, but technology page Cnet thinks these games are closely related to the Marvel (MCU) Cinema Universe.

Avengers Project was first announced in January 2017. Square Enix and Marvel signed a partnership with Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal.

Game bom tan Avengers xuat hien vao thang sau? hinh anh 1
The game about Evengers is about to appear.

Avengers Project is being designed for gamers around the world full of iconic characters, backgrounds and moments for fans of this brand,” a press release from Square Enix revealed.

A trailer was released with a familiar image in the MCU like the hammer Mjolnir of the thunder god Thor, who made Captain America and Iron Man’s hand. Since that time, there has been no more information about this long-term project.

Recently Square Enix was looking for someone to take on the Narrative Director for Avengers Project. The company requires applicants to have “more than 10 years of experience in games adapted from AAA grade films” and should have “a passion for games and ambitions to create a game of the year”.

E3 Fair 2019 will open officially from 11-13 June in Los Angeles (USA). This is an opportunity for manufacturers across the globe to announce development projects, blockbuster avengers games and gaming devices.


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