Azerbaijan has an interesting history, colorful culture, and the world’s most hospitable people.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Land of Fire

Right in the name of Azerbaijan, Azer is originally from Persian with the meaning of “fire”. Since ancient times, the people of this land have been able to worship fire and build temples around eternal fires burning through huge natural gas sources underground.

Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religious religions, originated in Azerbaijan with Ateshgah temple – once an important mecca located on the outskirts of the capital Baku. Today, fire is still part of this country’s symbol, demonstrating that the Flame Towers twin towers were completed in 2012 in Baku.

Located near the capital of Baku, Yanar Dag (pictured) was dubbed the burning mountain with the fire wall flickering non-stop from the 50’s. Photo: Cercamon / Flickr.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Diversified architecture

From the modern Fire Tower or the Luxury Government House to medieval castles and temples scattered in the city of Baku. The buildings in this capital are a combination of medieval architecture and Azerbaijan Islam. Europeans came to Baku in the 19th century because of oil, building buildings with gothic and baroque architecture in the old city. Photo: Christiaan van Heijst / 500px.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Unique climate

Azerbaijan possesses 9 of 11 climates on Earth due to its geographical location and complex terrain, the influence of solar radiation, atmosphere … If visiting Azerbaijan in May, visitors have can enjoy the sunny beach in the capital Baku then go skiing in the Caucasus mountains. Photo: ICMA.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Hospitable people

With a culture of interference between the East and the West, the people of Azerbaijan are always open and friendly with foreigners. In particular, young people are usually fluent in English and almost always happy to help visitors.

Mr. Anar Imanov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan in Vietnam, said his people love and have knowledge of Vietnam despite the distance of distance.

“The Azerbaijanis admire Vietnam’s struggle for independence, where there are people of freedom, power and courage. I think there are not many countries where visitors can say ‘I am a person. Vietnam ‘, and is given good beer and souvenirs, ”Mr. Imanov said. Photo: phudd23 / Fiveprime.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Pristine nature

Nature lovers cannot miss the opportunity to explore Azerbaijan, from the magnificent Caucasus range stretching across the north of this country, to the Caspian Sea – the world’s largest saltwater lake with a surface area of 371,000 km2 and a volume of 78,200. km3. On the photo is a natural Göygöl blue lake located at the foot of the Murovdag Range of the Little Caucasus Mountains. Photo: Baku Media Center.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

The remote villages of the Caucasus Mountains stretch across northern Azerbaijan and Georgia, dotted with colorful and culturally rich villages. Photo: Camel KW / Flickr.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Quba City is a popular tourist destination located in northwestern Azerbaijan on Mount Shahdag, with interesting villages like Xinaliq (photo), Laza and Buduq. In it, Xinaliq is the most ancient, remote and most remote village in Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region. About 2,000 people live in the village, speaking Khinalug and Azerbaijan. Photo: @ shh / Flickr.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Volcanoes do not erupt lava

Estimates around the world there are about 1,000 mud volcanoes, of which Azerbaijan has more than 400 mountains. Located on oil fields, volcanic mud is smaller and less known than the usual types of magma volcanoes.

Even though the mountains have been spouted with hundreds of meters of fire and mud and fences, people in the area do not have to worry about emergency evacuation because eruptions are not considered dangerous.

Turaghai and Boyuk Khanizadagh are some of the tallest mud volcanoes in the world located in Azerbaijan, with heights of up to 700 m and a diameter of up to 10 km due to mud accretion over time. Photo: WLA.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Paris in the Caucasus Mountains

The city of Baku was originally called Paris in the Caucasus, with boulevards stretching along the Caspian coast. It has both the charm of a medieval city, and the appearance of a modern city, any corner of the city can make visitors want to visit. If visiting Azerbaijan, visit Nizami Street (photo) with lively night atmosphere, Icheri Sheher old town, Fountains square, Maiden tower and electricity Shirvan Shahs.

In particular, the first time a UEFA Europa League final will take place in Baku’s Olympic Stadium on May 29, between English clubs Chelsea and Arsenal. Photo: Davudazul.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Formula 1 racing

The first Formula 1 race took place at the Baku City Raceway, the European Grand Prix in 2016. A year later, the Formula 1 race of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was officially held in the country’s capital.

The track has 51 laps around the six-kilometer arc, with Baku’s longest straight street. Fans from all over the world often converge here at the end of April to monitor the competition of the most veteran riders, the next race will take place on April 24-26, 2020. Photo: F1 Destinations.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Various cuisine

Traditional dishes of Azerbaijan are a unique combination between the East and the West, but still remain unique. The main highlights are Pilaf rice cooked with saffron pistil, Piti lamb soup, a private kebab version or Pakhlava honey peanut cake. Photo: Faig Aliyev.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Convenient visa procedures

From 2017, foreign guests can apply for an Azerbaijani visa for a shorter, easier and more affordable time thanks to the new visa policy. Visitors from 93 countries, including Vietnamese citizens, can apply for an electronic visa to enter the country once in 30 days of stay, starting from the effective date of the visa.

Guests receive a visa after 3 working days, or can apply for an emergency visa for 3 hours even on holidays or holidays. You can access the website to register for information, avoiding other addresses of private enterprises in order to prevent higher prices. On the photo is Baku International Airport, one of the 13 most beautiful airports in the world voted by American architectural magazine Curbed. Photo: Sosialşəbəkə.

10 lý do bạn nên đến Azerbaijan một lần trong đời

Attractive tours

Currently tourists in Azerbaijan mainly come from neighboring countries such as Russia, Iran, Turkey, Arab countries and some from Europe. The Government of Azerbaijan wants to welcome more visitors from Asian countries, including Vietnam, so there are many programs to promote cooperation between travel companies between the two countries.

Mr. Anar Imanov, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Vietnam, said that Vietnamese tourists now have a lot of attractive options when taking tours of some units such as Vietravel, HanoiRedtours, Hoang Viet Travel, Thuan An ticket office .. . with reasonable flight routes provided by Qatar Airways.

“I was shocked to hear that the prices of Baku hotels were for Vietnamese guests, even though I could not book them at that price. The Azerbaijan companies were very interested in the Vietnamese market, so they provided good hotel rooms. with very cheap prices to attract tourists, “Mr. Imanov revealed. Photo: Camel KW / Flickr.



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