Kami Rita (49), a Nepali, with a “rich” health, set a record when climbing Everest 24 times. Still not satisfied, he also wanted to conquer the “roof of the world” more.

For many people, conquering Mount Everest once was a lifetime achievement. Because in addition to the amount of tens of thousands of dollars or time to study the formal training, want to climb the “roof of the world”, you also need quite a lot of luck.

On May 24, on the way to Tibet, a 56-year-old man from Ireland had to abandon his life in the mountains. British climber, Robin Fisher, 44, reached the summit of Everest in the morning of May 25, but eventually collapsed to only 150 meters on the way down the mountain.

The updated information on the death toll at Mount Everest has never ended. All proved the “hardship” of the road to conquer the roof of the world.

However, Kami Rita (49) plunges into that “dead road” as a hobby. On May 21, he climbed to the top of Everest and it was the 24th time Kami recreated the miracle that many people had to use their whole lives to exchange …

Hanh trinh 24 lan chinh phuc Everest cua nguoi dan ong 49 tuoi hinh anh 1
Kami Rita sits on Mount Everest after the 23rd trip on May 15. Photo: Getty.

Born was a friend of the mountain

Kami is a member of the Sherpa ethnic group, ethnic minorities in Nepal with a population of about 150,000. They live mainly around the Everest area and are known for their good climbing and strength abilities when living at altitudes

Hanh trinh 24 lan chinh phuc Everest cua nguoi dan ong 49 tuoi hinh anh 2
A Sherpa carrying a ladder for people to conquer Mount Everest. Photo: Tashi Sherpa / AP.

Therefore, Sherpa people are able to work in high mountains, under dilute oxygen conditions – the environment requires ordinary people to take days or weeks to adapt.

Many lowlanders experience high altitude intoxication and life-threatening problems such as high blood pressure or cerebral edema on the journey to the top. However, Sherpa people rarely encounter such problems.

A 2017 study showed that Sherpa ethnic groups have developed genes that help them cope with altitude. They can metabolize air, creating more energy without oxygen.

Connecting my father, creating a miracle

Kami Rita’s father used to work as a guide to help the teams conquer Mount Everest. By 1992, he decided to retire to enjoy a peaceful life with herds of cattle.

At the same time, Kami’s brother Lakpa Rita, who lives in Seattle, is working as a tour guide for an expedition that invited his brother to join the group as a chef.

Soon after, Kami Rita was trained to become a professional climbing guide. The indigenous people still consider him the best person at Sherpa from 1993 to 2000.

Hanh trinh 24 lan chinh phuc Everest cua nguoi dan ong 49 tuoi hinh anh 3
Many Sherpa people work as guides to Mount Everest. Photo: Yongyut Kumsri / Shutterstock.

With his extensive experience and bloody Sherpa blood, Mr. Kami has become a hero on the way to conquer “the roof of the world”. Since 1994, for the first time Kami set foot on Mount Everest, almost every year he also made the journey to conquer the height of 8,848 m.

Recently, Kami successfully conquered the world’s highest mountain in the morning of May 21. It was the 24th time he climbed Everest. The 23rd time of this man completed on May 15, in just one week, Kami made 2 successful trips.

However, the extraordinary health man Sherpa also had to face “death” at times.

In 2015, a terrible snowstorm suddenly buryed 19 climbers under the cold stone forever. Kami was lucky to survive in that horrible moment.

After the disaster, he was under great pressure from his family to give up his dangerous job. However, Kami decided to continue to support climbers to the top of Everest.

May is the peak season to conquer the mountain peak of 8,848 m. To help adventurers reach the summit of Everest, Sherpa people must study the terrain first, place ropes, temporarily anchor ladders and prepare oxygen cylinders. However, their silent sacrifice is less of a concern.

According to Kami, every mountain has a goddess in control. Therefore, Sherpa people are responsible for making gods satisfied. “Months before climbing to the top, I began to pray and ask the goddess for forgiveness because I would have to walk on the body of the god,” he said.

It’s fine to go

At the age of 49, the age at which people should have been quiet in the family home, Mr. Kami is still busy with mountain climbing.

Replying to the BBC, he said: “I have no intention of taking a mountain climbing. I can climb for a few more years. I am healthy, can continue going until I am 60 years old. There is oxygen support, everything no harm.

I never thought about setting a record. Actually, I don’t even know about that. If I knew it early, I would have climbed the mountain many times over.

Hanh trinh 24 lan chinh phuc Everest cua nguoi dan ong 49 tuoi hinh anh 4
Kami’s journey to conquer the “world roof” has not stopped yet, he wants to climb Mount Everest even more. Photo: Smithsonian.

According to Ms. Mira Acharya, spokesman for Nepal Tourism Bureau, Kami Rita still wants to conquer Mount Everest one more time. “I am fine and want to climb Sagarmatha 25 times” (Sagarmatha is the way to call Mount Everest in the local language), Kami Rita said.

Apart from 24 times to Mount Everest, Mr. Kima conquered other “rooftops” in the world including peaks K-2 (8,600 m), Cho-Oyu (8,188 m), Manaslu (8,163 m) and Lhotse (8,516 m) .

Returned like a hero

On May 26, 49-year-old Sherpa was warmly welcomed by his family, friends and fans at the airport when he returned to Kathmandu, Nepal, from Mount Everest.

Hanh trinh 24 lan chinh phuc Everest cua nguoi dan ong 49 tuoi hinh anh 5
Mr. Kima in the welcome of his family and fans. Photo: AP.

A small congratulatory party is held right in the parking area of Kathmandu airport in traditional drums.

Kami answered the reporter: “I am extremely happy but I feel a bit exhausted”.

In the last season of climbing Mount Everest in May, there were 41 delegations with a total of 378 people allowed to conquer the “roof of the world”. However, more than 10 people had to give up their mid-way due to lack of oxygen at high altitudes causing headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath and mental disorders.

Murari Sharma, CEO of Everest Parivar Expedition, said: “I am really heartbroken for those who have fallen on the journey. An Englishman named Fisher was unconscious. After that, the Sherpa group, despite trying It is impossible for him to save his life. “

The Sherpa tribe is mainly cattle herders and traders living deep in the Himalayas. Thanks to the stamina and familiar terrain, they became guides or porters for those who want to conquer Mount Everest.

“The roof of the world” has claimed the lives of about 300 climbers since the first time people tried climbing in 1921.

In early May, the staff clearing garbage at Mount Everest discovered 4 bodies buried in the pile of waste in the mountains.


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