Bondi Icebergs (Australia) and Giola (Greece) are two of the Unique, strange swimming pools that help world travelers go through the summer.

Nhung ho boi doc, la tren the gioi giup ban hoa cung thien nhien hinh anh 1

Icebergs Bondi pool, Australia: Located in a certain list must come in Sydney, Bondi Icebergs swimming pool, dating back over 100 years, with an attractive location right next to the sea. Many tourists acknowledge the Unique swimming pools and the surrounding scenery makes them “crazy”. If you come here on the big wave, you will have more special experiences. In addition to Bondi Icebergs, Australia also has several other pools of the same style as the Merewether Baths in the Newcastle metropolitan area and Bronte Pool in Sydney.

Nhung ho boi doc, la tren the gioi giup ban hoa cung thien nhien hinh anh 2

Blue Lagoon, Iceland: Located in the kingdom of snow and volcanoes, Blue Lagoon is a masterpiece of nature and Icelanders. Many visitors commented that it is one of the most incredible places in the world. Photo: Shutterstock.

Pamukkale Thermal Pool, Turkey: As one of nature’s marvels, Pamukkale Thermal is famous for over 100 well-formed lakes, located in southwestern Turkey. Raw materials forming reservoirs are white sedimentary rocks. Photo: Shutterstock, Bianca_sposub.

Havasa Falls, USA: Located in the land of Arizona’s Havasupai tribe, the Havasa Falls is 27 meters high, flowing from the vertical cliff to a large pool. Occasionally, the shape of the waterfall changes and forms two separate lines. Natural lake under the waterfall is turquoise due to the amount of minerals in the water. Photo: Thesavageposter, Megssdesign.


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