Possessing a lot of voyeuristic schools and moving silence, the first realization of the Marvel Cinema Universe is practically imperfect as many people think. Avengers Endgame

Note: The article revealed the content of the Avengers: Endgame movie.

After less than a month of screenings, Avengers: Endgame – the 22nd Marvel movie (MCU) movie episode – has achieved many remarkable achievements.

In terms of revenue, the work now brings Disney more than $ 2.5 billion worldwide, which is only about $ 270 million less than Avatar’s all-time box office record (2009).

Not only that, the end of the first generation of the Avengers superhero team also brought many emotions to longtime fans by the departure of many important figures and sticking to the film universe.

However, try to calm down and see it fairly, Avengers: Endgame probably also reveals many weaknesses in building script lines, as well as characters’ personalities. There are still a few regretful things, the clumsy circumstances make viewers difficult to be satisfied.

Captain Marvel’s faintness

In the comics, Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel is among the most powerful and beloved superhero top ten. But when star-star Brie Larson took on the lead role in his own film with the same name of the character, viewers began to give a lot of conflicting ideas.

In fact, the 29-year-old girl had “lost points” before Captain Marvel came out with a few shocking statements about feminism, as well as being criticized for not being serious enough before “death.” Marvel’s father “Stan Lee.

 Contributing in two MCU movies in less than three months, Captain Marvel has caught up with a lot of controversy.
Contributing in two MCU movies in less than three months, Captain Marvel has caught up with a lot of controversy.

When Captain Marvel debuted in March, the audience did not support the beauty more reason … “hate” her more. Brie Larson gives the film a dry, superficial acting, though she has actually proven her talent through an Oscar. At the same time, the film script has not really portrayed the complex personality of the original character.

In the process of promoting Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios repeatedly pointed out that this might be a superhero that would force Thanos to defeat. She continues to be favored for appearing in the Avengers: Endgame promotional clips. But, the performance of Captain Marvel in the latest movie only makes viewers disappointed.

Having just landed back on Earth, Carol Danvers refused to listen to War Machine’s (Don Cheadle) group meeting advice, but insisted on destroying Thanos (Josh Brolin) even though he didn’t know where he was. This can be mimicked by the character who possesses a thorny, stubborn character.

But then, the screenwriter decided to let Captain Marvel “disappear” throughout the work. Taking the excuse of resolving conflicts in many other planets, Brie Larson’s character is not present in the later important moments of the Avengers group.

It wasn’t until the last minute of the great war that . Captain Marvel actually joined the ranks of superheroes and confronted Thanos’s mighty army. But she only managed to show her power for a few short minutes. So she was too confident to be named “Titan crazy” for her to lose.

Marvel Studios promotes much of the power of Captain Marvel, but what she has shown so far has not satisfied many people.
Marvel Studios promotes much of the power of Captain Marvel, but what she has shown so far has not satisfied many people.

After the Avengers: Endgame, controversy surrounding Captain Marvel continues to rise. An extremist public even urged Marvel Studios to replace Brie Larson soon with a more appropriate and different face. Expected to be the new pillar of the next MCU stage. The actress certainly has a lot of work to do in the future.

The forced situation aimed at pulling viewers’ tears

In the film, two Tony Stark / Iron Man superheroes (Robert Downey Jr.). And Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) must sacrifice to save the whole universe. Their departure actually left many emotions in the hearts of the audience who have been attached to MCU since 2008.

However, the “villain” here is actually the director Russo and the screenwriters. Temporarily dismissing the emotional element, their script is highly arranged to take away the fans’ tears.

First, Black Widow takes on the mission to go with Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to get Soul Stone at planet Vormir. Here, they know that they want to win treasure, one of them must jump into the sacrifice. Finally, Romanoff “won” the tragic fate of a great deal. Ironically, just before that, she was the one who said “See you again”.

The death of the Black Widow was emotional, but somewhat heavy.
The death of the Black Widow was emotional, but somewhat heavy.

Black Widow belongs to the first group of Avengers heroes, so her sacrifice must make many fans suffer. But the unfortunate thing here is the “one-to-one” motif that appeared in the Avengers: Infinity War (2018). That is now being “fried”.

The installation of the script is clear when there are always two people going to Vormir. Coincidentally, they are always individuals with deep relationships. What if someone decides to go to Vormir alone, or to accompany a stranger or at least not too close?

As for Iron Man, to be fair, Ironman’s death is the “beautiful” ending for the first 10 years of MCU. In the middle of the tense battlefield, Tony Stark risked his life to win the Infinity Gloves, which had six infinite Stones from Thanos’s hands, and then made a snap of himself to erase him. Sadly, the destructive power simultaneously took away the life of the earth hero.

However, the death of Tony Stark is somewhat unconvincing. The battlefield at that time actually existed more powerful heroes and individuals than him. Not to mention, if Captain Marvel appeared earlier, she could have been the one to make a snap and have the highest probability of peace.

Thanos – the villain has no righteous thoughts

In his appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, the “crazy Titan” preached that what he did was because of the balance of the whole universe. For half the universe to be prosperous, the departure of the other half is necessary.

 From Infinity War to Endgame, Thanos has lost his appeal and persuasion.
From Infinity War to Endgame, Thanos has lost his appeal and persuasion.

However, stepping into Endgame, after believing his future version was murdered, Thanos of the past decided … to erase the entire universe. He claims to want to build a new universe from nothingness, a universe that is grateful to him. From there, the audience saw that Thanos turned out to be only a false villain, bearing in his own aura of self-giving as Savior.

More brutal, to escape Scarlet Witch’s stormy attack (Elizabeth Olsen), Thanos decided to send bullets to the battlefield, accepting the exchange of the lives of all the courtiers who had faithfully trusted him. From an idiot fighting for ideals, the purple skinned man reveals his crazy, eager nature.

The character of the changed character contradicts those who sympathize with him in Infinity War. The audience is not disappointed because he is a villain, thus the role of the character in the whole story. The audience was disappointed because he poured noble words himself, the ideals that he had pursued in the previous section.

The fan community is hard to accept the shortcomings of the movie you love. But in fact, there must be critical criticism, there must be real remarks, then the next MCU titles will give the public a lot of changes, more interesting things.


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