The director duo explained the losses Hulk suffered after the final battle with Thanos in “Endgame”.The Avengers Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame is a blockbuster that changes the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. Iron Man and Black Widow died. Captain America retired and handed Captain America’s iconic shield to the Falcon. Thor saved the universe with the Milky Way Guard Team. The fate of most of the core superheroes of the Avengers squad is clear. But what about Bruce Banner / Hulk, what will your future be like after the life-and-death battle in Endgame?

The Hulk was the one who risked his life to snap his fingers,. Reviving half of the universe. After successful time travel, the Avengers team collected all 6 Infinity stones. They need a superhero strong enough to withstand the superpowers of 6 stones. When they are placed on the Extreme Gloves version built by Tony Stark.

While Thor is immersed in his guilt and grief. Hulk takes on his dangerous duty. He snapped his fingers successfully. In exchange, the power of six stones destroyed almost all of the Blue Giant’s arm.

the hulk avengers
the hulk avengers

According to Cinema Blend, the Russo director duo just confirmed a heartbreaking truth about Hulk’s wound: “He lost an arm, lost Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), nothing could be saved. OK. He hurt himself. That wound will probably last forever, just like the wound Thanos suffered during the rest of the time after a snap of Infinity War.

The Russo brothers insisted that it was difficult to heal Hulk’s wounds. If the fans pay close attention, they can see that his arms are thinner and darker after completing the task. Therefore, the power of the Green Giant will no longer be the same.

The Hulk is one of the old Avengers superheroes who still stands after the final battle with Thanos. So fans hope he will be a key figure in Stage 4 of MCU. But if Hulk’s journey continues, perhaps, he will still have to carry that injury all his life.

black widow
The bulk lost black widow

However, director Joe Russo also opened a glimmer of hope about the future of Hulk. Sharing with ComicBook. He said the concept of “permanent” in Marvel cinema universe is only relative. Most likely, in some magic world with some advanced science, Hulk’s wound will improve. Treatment process will be very complicated. Not just a bandage and a medication like we usually do. Physical wounds can be healed. But the loss of strength and spirit will not disappear completely.

“Someone will help Hulk treat the wound. Or someone will give him a new arm. I have no idea where and who will bring hulk magic. We do not need to pay attention to where things will go. We are just trying to bring about the most satisfactory outcome, ”added director Joe Russo.

He is trying to make a connection between Hulk’s injured arm and the sacrifice of Black Widow. Both have the same thing in common, that is to leave pain difficult to settle. One side left physical pain. One side left mental pain. Although the relationship with Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff has never been deeply exploited during Marvel’s 11-year journey, it is clear that they have feelings. And the Hulk will face the pain of losing an important person and with the future without “Black Widow”.

The Hulk’s future in the next stages of MCU is still a big question without a solution. The avengers endgame


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