Giants around the world are willing to pay “exorbitant” prices to experience the luxurious, 360-degree view of the super-luxury penthouses on the top of skyscrapers.

  The world apartment market is witnessing a wave of hunting for luxury penthouses on the world’s tallest rooftops.

The new report on super luxury penthouses said this segment offers extremely high net profit value. However, the number of these apartments is extremely limited, so high-end real estate firms such as Sotheby’s International Realty (List SIR) and Singapore are still aggressively hunting for them in the market.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 1
Wallich Residence is located at the top of Guoco Tower in Singapore. Photo: GuocoLand

To have the opportunity to own and experience high-class life in high-class luxury apartments, customers need to spend an average of 20.5 million to 335 million USD.

Leong Boon Hoe, CEO of List SIR, said: “We see a wealth of customers in Singapore market willing to pay millions of dollars to own the most luxury apartments.”

The hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin spent nearly $ 240 million to buy a penthouse in Central Park South, Manhattan also attracted the attention of investors. This is considered the most expensive apartment deal in the history of transactions in the US market, while this court is still in the process of completion.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 2
Inside the super luxury penthouse of Skyline. Photo: Sothwards, International International Singapore.

The popular view when mentioning penthouses has been synonymous with the most expensive and special apartments in a high-rise building. However, super luxury penthouses also bring extremely luxury value to owners.

By definition of List SIR, a super luxury penthouse must have a minimum area of 10,000 square feet (about 900 m2), located in major and famous cities, and comes with facilities exclusively for gender. Upstream, James Hyman, head of apartment sales at Cluttons, UK real estate company, said.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 3
Spacious space inside Reflections, Keppel Bay. Photo: Keppel Land.

Owners of super luxury penthouses will be provided with private high-end facilities such as waiters, airports for helicopters or aerial swimming pools. Other accompanying criteria such as the design and the most sophisticated and high-end interior equipment make the price of these apartments also raised.

The Hong Fok Corporation developer also noticed when decorating 2 high-end penthouses at the top of Skyline, Singapore with an extremely rare 1.01 carat blue diamond – with an estimated value of over 3 million USD.

In addition, what contributes to making this apartment line super expensive is the scarcity and monopoly.

Leong said in the 13-year period from 2006 to 2019, there were only 6 super luxury penthouses traded in Singapore. High-end penthouses when launched, typically at Marina Bay, Goodwood Residence and Le Nouvel Ardmore are all sold quickly when just completed, showing a preference for this item.

In New York City, Central Park is known as the billionaire house chain (“Billionaire’s Row”) also has about 8 super luxury penthouses. In particular, penthouse has just been bought by billionaire Ken Griffin, Citadel’s founder, for 240 million USD in January 2019 in this area is recognized as the world’s most expensive transaction in this segment.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 4
Billionaire Ken Griffin has just bought a super luxury penthouse with an area of 2,100 m2, a floor of 50 – 53 floors in 220 Central Park South, New York.

This price is twice as high as the previous record of $ 100.5 million of penthouses at One57 in Manhattan in 2014.

List SIR is estimated that there are about 10 luxury penthouses in the world which have been introduced to the market since 2016 to April 2019.

Most prominent among them is the high-end penthouse of Monaco’s exclusive labeled Odéon Tour. The apartment has a price of $ 335 million, located on the top of the second tallest skyscraper on the Mediterranean coast. With an area of more than 3,000 m2, in addition to looking straight to the sea, this apartment has an expensive accent on the rooftop water slide, extending to infinity pool designed to ensure privacy for homeowners.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 5
Utility of super luxury penthouse in Wallich Residence, Singapore. Photo: Keppel Land.

Other super apartments on the market include apartments in Eighty Seven Park and the One Thousand Museum in Miami, with prices of 68 million USD and 20.5 million USD respectively – and The Pacifica in Auckland for 24.2 million dollars.

The largest luxury penthouse in Singapore is Wallich Residence, dubbed the “aerial villa” with 5 bedrooms, three-storey pine floor with floor area of ​​more than 1,900 m2 with private elevator and lift hall. . Located at a height of nearly 300 meters above sea level, this expensive apartment offers spacious views of the central business district, Marina Bay and Sentosa Island from amenities such as swimming pools, jacuzzi and areas. entertainment.

Just a few kilometers away is another expensive penthouse of 1,600 square meters of The Marq on Paterson Hill, which also draws attention to design furniture and exquisite fabric decoration …

Leong Boon Hoe said luxury penthouses are being sought more than ever as a way for billionaires to showcase their wealth and reputation, alongside other assets such as yachts or airplanes. private. The difference is that high-end penthouses can be used to become luxurious meeting rooms or multi-functions for bosses or senior CEOs.

Tai sao gioi sieu giau do xo mua cac penthouse sieu sang? hinh anh 6
Super luxury penthouse apartment in Wallich Residence on the roof of Guoco Tower, Singapore. Photo: GuocoLand.

Back in the past, the development of penthouse apartments has been around since the 1920s. This is the time when buildings are built higher, people can see the attraction of space on isolation. high above. Therefore, the tendency to turn the top floor apartments in New York into luxury apartments is noticeable.


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